Those sweet masterpieces from Pier Daniele Seu in Rome... And his Tiramiseu arrived on Striscia la Notizia

A master pizzaiolo in Rome, Pier Daniele signs a series of excellent sweet pizzas after his wife Valeria challenged him not to bake only savoury ones. This is how Tiramiseu was born

Tiramiseu, the tiramisu-flavoured pizza dessert fr

Tiramiseu, the tiramisu-flavoured pizza dessert from Pier Daniele Seu, patron in Rome of Seu Pizzeria Illuminati. Photo by Andrea Di Lorenzo

There's no doubt there's a play with words here: Tiramisù + Seu = Tiramiseu, the tiramisu-flavoured pizza from Pier Daniele Seu, born in 1987, now based in Rome but originally from Sardinia. He presented his Capolavoro italiano in cucina on TV, during Striscia la notizia on the 17th March. Please note: he's a superb pizzaiolo who is also a pastry chef but what he pulls out from his oven are always pizzas, whether they're sweet or savoury.

This 30-year-old, the best young pizzaiolo of Italy, has a nice story. He didn't even think of becoming a pizzaiolo when he was a kid: «I got here almost by chance, like many loves that are born like that, and then you hope they'll never end. What created the sparkle? A discussion with my dad, Pierangelo, who wanted me to become a building administrator, which I hated. So I launched myself in what at the time was a new world, that of pizzas and leavened products».

Pier Daniele Seu and his wife Valeria Zuppardo

Pier Daniele Seu and his wife Valeria Zuppardo

The meeting with Gabriele Bonci, an unquestionable master of bread and pizza, was decisive: «He was a lighthouse for me, for sure. He was even my best man when I got married, and he has guided me throughout my career. Perhaps he was my putative father too. The neon light? It says In pizza we trust, and this is true both for me and my wife Valeria. For us pizza is a constant».

Every prominent figure is such thanks to a specific excellent product, and in his case, this extraordinary quality is represented by having developed a very specific pastry offer in the shape of pizza: «Valeria raised this challenge when she told me: if you're so good making savoury pizza, why don't you try making sweet ones? At the time, we bought desserts from others, but they were never satisfying. And besides, I love challenges, and this brought us luck».

So at Seu pizza illuminati, in Via Angelo Bargoni, just off Porta Portese, there are two different sweet pizzas each season, Fior di fragola or Winner tacoPizza colada, with pineapple, recalling the cocktail, the apple strudel one, and the extraordinary Tiramiseu...

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