Luca Cantù

La Granda

via Garetta, 8/A
Genola (Cuneo)
+39.0172. 726178



A game. This is how Luca Cantù, born in Piedmont in 1983 and almost fifteen years spent in the kitchen, defines cooking. A game that starts with raw materials and then is characterised by its two souls: the creaminess and crispiness that always and necessarily come with each of his courses.

A few ingredients with great substance are his strength. Luca Cantù is not looking for frills but for a clean dish. There are no filters, his modus operandi is simple, just like Luca in his daily life. 

His cooking, which certainly shows some influence from Alessandro Boglione, internationally renown chef with whom Luca worked for ten years as his right arm, is well tuned with the La Granda philosophy where Luca tests himself beside a great expert such as Sergio Capaldo.

Since simplicity - a characteristic capable of making the high quality of raw materials stand out – is the winning card for Luca, there’s no doubt that the marriage with La Granda is destined to last for a long time. 

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Identità Golose

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