Bo Songvisava e Dylan Jones

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani


42 Soi Pichai Ronnarong
Songkram Sukhumvit, 26

Thai Duangporn Songvisava (known by everyone as “Bo”) and Australian Dylan Jones, today partners in work and in life, met at Nahm in London, right behind Hyde Park, when the restaurant owned by another Australian, namely David Thompson, was the only establishment in the world that served Thai cuisine that could boast a Michelin star. For years, Thompson’s philosophy has been an important compass for the two young chefs, an endless source of information on the ingredients and techniques of an increasingly popular country, thanks to its gastronomy.

In 2009, together with Thompson himself, who moved Nahm to Bangkok, the two young chefs decided the moment had come for them to open their establishment, in the same Thai capital. A few years later, Bo.lan (the fusion of Bo plus the “lan” in Dylan) has established itself as one of the best restaurants serving contemporary Thai cuisine, for instance by reaching the 36th place in the 50Best Asia 2013. The restaurant, owing a lot of its knowledge to the local Slow Food association, only uses fresh and seasonal ingredients and works a lot to preserve and promote local biodiversity and niche products, while respecting seasonality and nature-cycles in a very strong way.

Bo and Dylan have a passion for very ancient recipes, perhaps found in old manuscripts or passed on, over the centuries, thanks to oral tradition. All this leads to a menu that has decisive, surprising and never banal flavours.

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