Duck foie gras tossed on an imaginary choucroute, dressed with Alsatian bacon fat salt

Jacques Décoret

For 10 people

For the choucroute jelly
sauerkraut juice (on sale in organic food shops)

For the Chinese cabbage (pak-choi)
10 medium-sized pak-choi leaves

For the red cabbage
250 g of red cabbage
50 g of red wine vinegar
80 g of water
sauerkraut juice

For the smoked bacon fat salt
1 fine slice of handmade Alsatian smoked bacon fat

For the foie gras
10 duck foie gras scallops
bacon fat salt and black pepper in mignonnette

For the juniper sauce
duck juices
juniper berries

For the garnish
caraway seeds


For the jelly
Heat the sauerkraut juice to 60° C, add the agar and pour into moulds. 10 g of jelly are needed for each portion.

Cut the pak-choi leaves in half lengthways, toss them in the butter with the fine strips of bacon fat and salt.

Finely slice the red cabbage, removing the hard ribs from the leaves, and add the vinegar and water. Cook and blend, adding 10 g of water if necessary. When ready to serve, whip lightly with the butter, adding a pinch of salt, and incorporate the sauerkraut juice.

For the bacon fat salt
Place the slice of bacon between two baking sheets and cook in the oven at 130° C until it dries. Mince finely with a knife.

Toss the scallops in a frying pan and season with the bacon fat salt and black pepper in mignonnette.

For the juniper juice
Place the crushed juniper berries in the duck juices, add salt and filter.

Position the stick of choucroute jelly on the plate and cover with the cooked cabbage, foie gras and a few caraway seeds, ringing with the red cabbage and adding the sauce.