Gioacchino Bonsignore

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

The son of Sicilian parents, he attended secondary school in Venice and graduated in Rome with honours, with a dissertation on Italian crime novels from the Thirties and the birth of the Gialli Mondadoriseries.

In the Eighties he curated a series of programmes for the Fininvest TV network such as Canale5 per Voi, hosted by Rita Dalla ChiesaMiti, Mode e Rock n Roll with Claudio Brachino and Tullio Camiglieri. He also worked for some TV programmes on politics broadcasted by Fininvest, namely Parlamento in and Italia Domanda. The night of the 16th January 1991 he was in the studio of Studio Aperto when Emilio Fede first announced the bombing of Baghdad that initiated the first Gulf War. 

In 1998 he received a special mention from the Premio Ilaria Alpi for an 18-episode documentary on voluntary service. From 1997 to 2013 he presented TG5 and later TG5 Puntonotte. He contributed with a piece on gambling in the first edition of TG5 hosted by Enrico Mentana.

During the Nineties he presented Tg5 della Notte and the press review. Later, he curated the Rubrica del Consumatorefor two years, broadcasted during the 1 pm news. He curated and hosted TG5 INSIEME, a morning programme, and hosted SpecialiTg5.

Since 2002 he curates culinary programme Gusto part of TG5, where he’s the editor in chief. Thanks to this series he published several books on wine and food and received many awards.

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