Dario Rossi

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Greed, avidi di gelato

via Cernaia, 28 (496,32 km)
00044 Frascati (Rome)

The story of Dario Rossi, born in Zagarolo, near Rome, begins at the age of 10, in 1984, when he starts making ice cream with a home ice cream processor he received from his parents. He makes gelato for himself and his friends, and thus starts to refine his palate, and immediately learns the differences between high quality and industrial ice cream. If homemade ice cream was so good, for sure the one made in a workshop with professional equipment had to be truly special.

So he’d start looking for the best ice creams when he went out with his friends. «I was very surprised and disappointed to find out that it wasn’t better than the one I made, and even though some flavours were good, it wasn’t even made with fresh ingredients, but with semi-finished products instead. Shelves were stacked with powders and jars. So everyone was convinced old-style gelatieri no longer existed. That’s when the challenge started» says Dario.

What with trade fairs and learning by imitation, in 2004 his dream came true when he opened Greed in Frascati (Rome). It looks like a simple bar and gelateria but as soon as you look at the signs on the ice cream counter you realise it’s an extraordinary place… Yes, of course, you can find chocolate, banana, pear, but using the best raw materials. And the cream is made with milk, plus he’s almost obsessive in his search for quality. In other words, Dario makes ice cream the way he used when he grew up: homemade.

He uses organic ingredients and his love for the surroundings led him to create flavours with local products: strawberries, raspberries, figs, saffron, cherries, mulberries and many other ingredients come straight from his vegetable garden in Zagarolo. There are two product lines: classic flavours, from chocolate to various cream flavours – but made special thanks to the use of niche products – and then flavours “a sorpresa”, that is to say the unexpected ones: cacio e pepe, celery from Sperlonga, carrot, artichoke, butter and jam.

Please note that at Greed they also think of those allergic to gluten, with special products, and they’re constantly researching gelatos without milk, eggs, vegetarian and vegan gelatos, having in mind all those who, due to allergies, usually cannot enjoy this sweet delicacy.

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