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The success of "Dead Poets Society" made professor Keating the epitome of the good professor: the one who’s capable of breaking the disenchanted certainties of his pupils, have them trust studying once more and change their life for good. Yet it’s so difficult to find such a teacher in real life, that this figure became almost iconic.

Andrea Sinigaglia was so lucky he met his professor Keating. Her name was Margherita, his professor of Italian at catering school in Salsomaggiore. She was the first to present him a different future: yes, he could be a cook, but not just using his hands, his brain too. This intellectual spur went so deep it led him to read Literature and Philosophy at the Università Cattolica di Milano.

Cooking, however, never disappears completely from his life: Sinigaglia supports himself at university with odd jobs as a cook and waiter in restaurants and catering businesses. His dissertation represents a way of blending these two identities: he graduates in Medieval History with a dissertation on the food diet in Milan during the Middle Ages. A Master in Tourist and Territorial Development follows.

In 2004 he arrives at Alma, the new-born Scuola Internazionale di alta aucina in Colorno, where in 2010 – after completing an MBA – he becomes general director. In the education offer he brought the heritage of his constant, composite studies, contaminating and overcoming the traditional academic barriers, trying to give a unique and unmistakable imprint to his students.

For these chefs, training is more than theory or practice. Ethics and sustainability are important too. These chefs are ready to deal with topics such as stress management in the kitchen. They’re the chefs of the future, in other words. (photo from Witaly)

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