The 2020 Guide is online: numbers and awards

This year we have 1,111 reviews from 52 countries. 100 collaborators, over 2K recommendations in total

All the Giovani Stelle, the young star awards giv

All the Giovani Stelle, the young star awards given by the 2020 Guida ai Ristoranti di Identità Golose, presented yesterday at Terrazza Gallia in Milan

Monday 9th December  2019, 1 p.m.: the 13th edition of the Guida ai ristoranti d’Italia, Europa e Mondo di Identità Golose, the fifth entirely online, free and available to all. At this moment, there are 1,111restaurant review, that is to say 87 extra establishments compared to last year (in the 2019 edition we broke the thousand record, with 1,024 reviews), a number that depicts the gradual growth of signature cuisine, in Italy and abroad.

Of this year’s 1,111 establishments, 246 are new (here’s the complete list), 794 are Italian and 317 come from 52 countries in Europe and the rest of the world, with 7 new countries: Canada, Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Lithuania, Laos, Monaco, Romania, something unthinkable only a decade ago. There are 99 pizzerias(they were 85 last year), and the establishments run by chefs under 30 and 40 are over 550, representing around half of the total reviews, a number we hold very dear.

At this moment, however, it is very likely that the total number has already changed, because the destiny of the online guide is that it will change every day, for good («you really must include that place», as many might have reminded us during the presentation) or for worse (especially late in December, when it’s often the case that cooks end their collaboration or an establishment decides to make significant changes).

Three of the 16 awards of the 2020 edition

Three of the 16 awards of the 2020 edition

In any case, here are the 16 young stars awards of 2020, given yesterday at Terrazza Gallia in Milan, the location of the presentation of the Guide for the third year in a row:

Chiara Pavan from Venissa in Mazzorbo, Venice (best female chef, see the motivation)

Diego Rossi from Trippa in Milano (best chef)

Christian F. Puglisi from Relæ Community in Copenhagen (best international chef)

Arianna Gatti from Miramonti l’Altro in Concesio, Brescia (best sous chef)

Carmine di Donna from La Torre del Saracino in Vico Equense, Naples (best pastry chef)

Franco Franciosi and Francesco D’Alessandro fromMammarossa in Avezzano, L’Aquila (beer in the kitchen award)

Roberta Cozzetto from Sapio in Catania (best female sommelier)

Alberto Santini from Dal Pescatore in Canneto sull’Oglio, Mantua (best sommelier)

Nicola Loiodice from I Due Camini in Borgo Egnazia, Brindisi (best maître)

Antonio Ziantoni from Zia in Rome (surprise of the year),

TheManias family from Al Cjasal in San Michele al Tagliamento (family of the year)

Giorgia Cannarella from Munchies (best food writer)

Luca PezzettaOsteria di Birra del Borgo in Rome (best chef pizzaiolo)

Giuseppe Iannotti from Kresios in Telese Terme, Benevento (Experimenting in the kitchen)

Chiang Liu and the guys from Serica, Milan (Contaminations)

The Lebano brothers and all the staff at Terrazza Gallia in Milan (best service and hospitality)

As usual, on top of the reviews, we have the Storie di Gola, the itineraries signed by key protagonists of the restaurant industry. While last year we asked only maîtres, this year the basic theme has a significant symbolic value: all the itineraries cross a border, restating the importance of fluidity in the kitchen, regardless of conventions, barriers or bans, always looking to blend, to create a bridge, a connection between traditions that are only seemingly different.

The 8 Storie di Gola from this year are all between two bordering cities 

The 8 Storie di Gola from this year are all between two bordering cities 

We can tell by reading the itinerary from Mauro Colagreco between Mentone and VentimigliaChristian Puglisi between Copenaghen and Malmö, wine producer Josko Gravner between the Collio of Friuli and of SloveniaPaolo Lopriore between Como and Canton Ticino, Italian-Argentinian Paulo Airaudo between San Sebastian and Biarritz, cook Adria Marina and food writer Beniamin Chalupinski who write of Tijuana and San JoséTokyo Cervigni of Seattle and Vancouver and Fabiana Magrì who walks us around Jerusalem, the most emblematic city in its symbolising two different worlds. We’ll return on this topic.

The final notes are to remember that the total number of recommendations that can be drawn from the 2020 Guide is much higher than 1,111 because almost every review (around 900) also includes the chef’s favourite place. And if we also add the 80 or so recommendations from the Storie di Gola, we easily exceed 2K recommendations. 

A picture we try to give as faithfully as we can thanks to the work of 100 collaborators who work with us from Italy and far beyond. This year we celebrate the debut of Erica Battellani, Concetta Bonini, Elisabetta Canoro, Andrea D’Aloia, Marialuisa Iannuzzi, Francesca Mancini, Barbara Marzano, Luca Milanetto, Clara Minissale, Gabriele Rosso, Paolo Sammartino, Marta Scalabrini, Luca Sessa, Maurizio Trezzi, Andrea Vignali and Fulvio Zendrini. A huge thanks goes to Elia BoganiCinzia BenziManuel Crippa and Chiara Nicolini for all their invisible work back stage.

All the reviews are signed, enjoy the search.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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