Southern Indian green mango curry

Alex Gares

Coconut sponge cake
300 gm egg white
60 gm sugar
100 gm coconut powder
20 gm flour

Green mango
Green mango slices
1 lt water
500 gm sugar
5 gm cardamom
3 gm cinnamon

Pandan ice cream
2.5 lt milk
200 gm pandan leaves
100 gm cream
120 gm maltodextrine
80 gm dextrose
20 gm stabilizer
12 gm glycerine
220 gm sugar
2 gm salt

Pandan cream
240 gm whole egg
280 gm sugar
2 jelly sheets
150 gm butter
400 gm cream
50 gm pandan leaves

Tomato, raspberry and cardamom marmalade
500 gm peeled and seedless tomato
300 gm raspberry
350 gm sugar
10 cardamom seeds

Turmeric, cinnamon and cashew nuts crumble
125 gm butter
150 gm cashew nuts powder
160 gm sugar
85 gm flour
Chilli powder

Preserved ginger
Coconut water reduction
Roast coconut dice
Young coconut flesh



Coconut sponge cake
Mix all the ingredients and strain. Put in a siphon and keep in the fridge until use. Cook in the microwave for 40 seconds.

Green mango
Prepare syrup with the water the sugar and the spices. Slice the green mango in a mandolin, place it in a vacuum bag with the syrup and close the bag. Keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Pandan ice cream
Blend the pandan leaves and the milk in a thermomix for 6 minutes at 90 degrees. Strain the mix and put in a bowl 1.8lt of the mix and the rest of ingredients. Mix and keep in the fridge for 12 hours.

Pandan cream
Blend the pandan with the cream in the thermomix 5 minutes at 90 degrees. Strain it the mix and pour the cream inside again. Add the sugar, the eggs and cook the mix in the thermomix for 6 minutes more at 80 degrees. Remove, place in a bowl add the soaked jelly leaves and the butter when the mix arrive at 40 degrees. Keep in the fridge.

Tomato, raspberry and cardamom marmalade
Chop the tomato in small dice mix with the rest of ingredients and keep in a bowl for 1 hour. Put the mix in a pot and cook it for 1 hour in medium heat. Keep in the fridge.