Massimo Minutelli e Tony Melillo

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

La Griglia di Varrone

via Alessio di Tocqueville, 7
20154 Milano
02 3679 8388

Massimo Minutelli is the entrepreneur behind La Griglia di Varrone, a restaurant that interprets meat in a contemporary way. The format includes carefully chosen meat from all around the world, accurate cooking techniques and a special attention to design, shown in the minimalist furniture, the neutral and elegant colours, the use of materials that make the space modern and elegant.

Born in 1965, Minutelli opened his first Griglia in Lucca in 2006, then replicating it in Pisa before approaching the Milanese market with the latest opening in Via Toqueville, close to Corso Como. Following a strong passion for meat and design, despite being a newbie in the gastronomic industry, he didn’t think twice and followed the inspiration originated from his travelling around the world. His goal was to select the best cuts of meat and discover for each one of these the perfect preparation and cooking, offering his clients only dishes of the highest quality.

So the menu includes Joselito’s Iberian pork known for its typical flavour, given by their acorn and fresh herb diet; Black Angus fromCreekstone Farms in the United States and from Rangers Valley in Australia, among the best in the world and famous for their contrast between strong flavours and tender, and juicy texture; the Italian Fassona Piemontese from Martini in Boves, or the Bue Grasso di Carrù, or the Cinta Senesepigs; as well as Kobe beef – of which Massimo is proud to be the first importer in Italy – and Spanish Rubia Gallega, with unique salty and spicy flavours. Excellent meat, carefully cooked on an open-view grill, crafted by a blacksmith, and only using oak wood.

The concept was welcomed by the Milanese clientele and continues to be popular. Thanks to Tony Melillo too, the director and soul behind Varrone Milano: with dedication and passion he takes care of the wine list, of suppliers, and of the clients since January 2015.

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