Simona Carmagnola


via Felice Casati, 27
20124 - Milano

The history of high quality gelato was born in Italy, grew over the centuries and arrived to this day thanks to artisans and masters of this art, people who grew among spatulas, pots and refrigerators or people who simply arrived in a laboratory by chance, and never left. Simona Carmagnola is part of this group. Born in Milan in 1985, she's the manager at Pavé – Gelati&Granite. Her private and business life crossed the paths of Diego Bamberghi and Giovanni Giberti, who in 2012 created Pavè with Luca ScanniSimona, Diego and Giovanni went to school together, but were unaware at the time of their professional future as colleagues.

Once school was over, Simona moved to Pisa where during her university studies she started to work to earn some money at Gianfrancesco Cutelli's gelateria De’ Coltelli. First behind the counter, then in the production, Simona learnt the ropes but most of all acquired methods, secrets and passion from her teacher. That of making gelato is an art where respect for raw materials, seasonality and a special dose of creativity are essential gifts. During the experience in Pisa Simona participated in the Agugliano Festival and in the Sherbeth Festival, where she received the first acknowledgements for her talent.

So gradually she became aware that that could be her life. And then, in 2015, her path met again that of her colleagues, by chance, at the very PavèDiego and Giovanni wanted to broaden the offer of the popular breakfast place. And a gelateria immediately seemed the sweetest and tastiest way to do so. Hence the Cold Remedies project was born, because gelato has almost a magical power of alleviating winter sore throats, of solving summer love and mental pains with its softness and flavour.

Simona thus arrived in Milan in 2016 with the techniques to make light, almost ethereal ice creams which to this day are an emblem of Pavé – Gelati&Granite.


Maurizio Trezzi

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