4.0 Everything began

Gianluca Fusto

Cocoa been piece Stroisel
375 g of sugar
375 g of Petra 1 flour
300 g of Sicilian almond flour
375 g of Aquolina Val di Noto
75 g of 82% fat butter
Cocoa bean pieces

Orizaba Caramel
295 g of sugar
26 g of glucose
52 g of liquid butter
425 g of Orizaba 39% coating
49 g of cocoa butter
15 g of unrefined salt
575 g of 35% fat fresh milk
11 g of Oro 2 g gelatine sheets
52 g of 82% fat butter

Chocolate biscuit
336 g of white marzipan
75 g of Acquolina
155 g of sugar
112 g of egg yolks
187 g of whole eggs
97 g of egg whites
75 g of sugar
75 g of 45 flour
90 g of clarified liquid butter
Heart of Guanaja

Almond cream
272 g of whole UHT milk
228 g of white marzipan
12 g of Acquolina
7 g of glucose
420 g of gelatine
556 g of Ivoire coating
5 g of 35% fat fresh milk
fresh lemon zest

Cherry jelly
734 g of cherry pulp
117 g of sugar
59 g of sugar
18 g of NH pectin
8 g of alginate
65 g of water

Araguani whipped ganache
369 g of 35% fat UHT cream
41 g of glucose
41 g of Sosa inverted sugar
311 g of Araguani 72% coating
738 g of 35% fat UHT cream

Mascarpone and vanilla sorbet
1,356 g of mineral water
358 g of sugar
119 g of Sosa atomised glucose
60 g of Sosa inverted sugar
246 g of skimmed milk powder
12 g of SE 64 stabiliser
836 g of mascarpone
12 g of Polynesia vanilla pod



Cocoa been piece Stroisel
Place the cocoa bean pieces in a mixer and grind into a powder, adding the sugar a little at a time. Sieve all the powdered ingredients and add the cold, cubed butter, mixing in a planetary mixer with the leaf beater. Store in the fridge at 4 °C. Run the mixture through a mincer to obtain little balls. Freeze immediately, then bake in the oven at 150 °C.

Orizaba Caramel
Heat an appropriately sized pan and caramelise the sugar dry at 190 °C. Decoct with the liquid butter and normal butter, stirring with a whisk. Add the cream after boiling it with the glucose. Bring back to the boil with the aid of a spatula. Place the caramel in a measuring jug and process in a mixer to refine the structure. Add the previously melted chocolate a little at a time, until you obtain a supple, shiny consistency. Add the previously rehydrated gelatine and the unrefined salt.

Chocolate biscuit
Dilute the marzipan, yolks, sugar and whole eggs mixed together and whip everything in the planetary mixer with the leaf beater. Whip the egg whites, adding the remaining sugar a little at a time to obtain a perfectly fluffy structure. Sieve the flour and, in the meantime, melt the coating and the butter at 50 °C.
Mix a small part of the egg whites with the coating and melted butter to obtain a smooth, light consistency. Add the marzipan, egg and yolk mixture. Fold in the flour and complete with the rest of the egg white. Spread 680 g of biscuit on leather and cook at 180 °C with the valve closed for 7 minutes.

Almond cream
Melt the Ivoire chocolate at 55 °C and add the hazelnut paste. Bring the milk to the boil together with the glucose and add the previously rehydrated gelatine. Pour a little at a time over the coating to obtain a stable emulsion. Mix. Then add the cream with the lemon rind and cool for at least 12 hours in the fridge.

Cherry jelly
Heat the fruit pulp to 43 °C. Add the first sugar and water mixture. At 50 °C, add the second amount of sugar mixed previously with pectin and alginate. Dilute with the aid of a whisk and bring to the boil with the aid of a spatula. Pour directly into a frame measuring 44 x 32 cm placed in a chiller on a sheet of Silpat. Cool and cut with a knife or using a wire cutter.

Araguani whipped ganache
Slowly pour the boiling cream and glucose mixture over the chopped coating, mixing in the middle to create a supple, shiny heart, indicating that the emulsion is well prepared. This consistency must be maintained until the end of the mixing. Keep adding the liquid cream gradually. Blend at the end and set to one side. Mix the basic ganache and cold liquid cream in equal parts. Crystallise in the fridge for 2 or 3 hours, better overnight, before whisking the mixture to obtain a quite thick consistency to be used with an icing bag or spatula.

Mascarpone and vanilla sorbet
Add part of the sugar to the stabiliser. Add the powdered milk to the water and heat to 20 °C. Then add the inverted sugar and heat to 25 °C before adding the atomised glucose. At 45 °C, add the sugar and stabiliser mixture.
Heat everything to 82/84 °C. Marinate together with the vanilla pod. Cool and mature for at least 6 hours. Heat the base to 35 °C and emulsion with the cold mascarpone. Stir.