Vegetable cone with fried fish

Heinz Beck

For 4 people

For the cone
300 g of red peppers
extra virgin olive oil

For the fish breadcrumbs
100 g of amaranthus
100 g of baby quinoa
500 ml of extra virgin olive oil

For the fried fish
100 g of peeled langoustines
100 g of peeled prawns
100 g of sole fillets


For the cone
Break up the cleaned peppers and cook on a low heat with a drizzle of oil and salt. When they are cooked, blend and sieve them. Spread the puréed pepper on a sheet of baking paper, dry it for 1 hour at 70° C and cut into squares of about 9 cm. Mould them into a cone shape and continue drying in the oven.

For the breadcrumbs
Heat half of the oil in a pan to 200° C. Add the amaranthus, wait for it to swell completely (about ten seconds) and take off the heat. Do the same with the baby quinoa. Spread on baking sheets lined with kitchen paper and leave in the oven to dry out the excess oil for about 1 hour.

For the fried fish
Thoroughly clean the langoustines, prawns and sole; blend then separately to obtain even pastes. Salt the pastes, put them into icing bags and make calamari-shaped rings on the fried amaranthus. In this way, the amaranthus will stick to the fish, allowing it to be moulded as you like. Repeat the operation with the quinoa, creating a finger shape. Fry everything at 160° C for a few moments.

Place the cone inside the special perforated plate, put the fried fish inside it, and eat with your fingers.