Teo Musso

Birreria Baladin

piazza 5 Luglio 1944, 15
Piozzo (Cuneo)
T. +39.0173.795431

Some time ago we defined Teo Musso the «Jim Morrison of Italian artisan beer» and this definition was liked since it has been used by an English colleague in one of his recent books. However, it has to be well explained. Musso doesn’t remind Morrison for his aspect and he probably cannot sing at all but he did exactly like Morrison with his Doors who wanted “to open the doors of perception”. At least as regards the perception of beer in Italy. And if this is not enough…

Already the fact of growing up in the heart of Langhe and deciding to make beer tells a lot about the originality of his thoughts. If you add that he started in the early(as regards beer) 1996, that he had himself known for his beers but also for placing headphones on the fermenters (music has an influence on the yeast action), that thanks to one of his creatures, Xyayu, he has shaken all common places about beer (the froth, it is bitter etc.…) and that, last but not least, he has recently created a barique cellar with “wood barrels” from the most prestigious wine cellars of the Country, you can get an idea of the personality. At least in part. Because the best of Teo Musso, besides his aspect of shy gypsy, is the fact of being in a steady evolution, a continuous ferment.

When you think you catch him, he is already one step ahead. Fascinated by his last idea, his last project. The restaurant buen retiro Casa Baladin in Piozzo, where a forward beer cuisine is experimented and the Riserve Baladin are slipped, the Open places, were you can confront with the best artisan beer production of the Country, his project for Eataly New York, where in co-operation with his friend and colleague Leonardo Di Vincenzo he will open a micro brewery looking onto Manhattan. Up to his last beer: the Open Noir, aromatized with liquorice from Calabria.

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