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via dei Tribunali, 32
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Gino Sorbillo, a beautiful smile, great courtesy and a fighting spirit which allows him working 12/14 hours a day to take out from the oven, together with his team, 1,200 pizzas between lunch and dinner and being today the leading man of quality Neapolitan pizza. However, we cannot understand the story of this incredible family if we do not start by Luigi Sorbillo, Gino’s grandfather.

In the Thirties, Luigi opens his pizzeria in via dei Tribunali 32 and always in those years he marries Carolina Esposito who gives birth to 21 children. The first born is Esterina, the famous aunt Esterina, recently disappeared, who has been working in the family pizzeria for 63 years mixing and serving at the tables while at the same time growing up her 20 younger brothers after remaining motherless at 14 in 1942, in the middle of the war and the misery of his city. Gino Sorbillo, the favorite nephew who has started taking care of this restaurant a few years ago, has been attending aunt Esterina’s pizzeria since he was a young boy. He observed her, following her teachings, started working with her and is the perfect continuer of this family of outstanding pizza makers. He considers quantity strictly linked to quality and this is why all the raw materials he uses have been searched, selected and chosen because they are the best. Gino Sorbillo, together with Enzo Coccia, is transforming Neapolitan pizza from a mass and traditional product, very often mistreated due to inability or thirst for money, into a quality product at affordable prices because in via dei Tribunali a pizza margherita prepared with the best flours, extra-virgin olive oil, first quality mozzarella and tomato costs € 5.

If the classical pizzas are the mandatory part of the offer in a pizzeria, Gino Sorbillo has made his creativity and the use of the best raw materials from Campania his other typical pride and today at his restaurant you can eat the most delicious and newest pizzas and the success obtained gives reason to him. In fact, having lunch or dinner at Gino Sorbillo means queuing a lot both for lunch and for dinner but once inside the service is very quick and extremely polite, another aspect which Gino takes care of with great attention. For this reason it is right for this unconventional pizza maker to be present at a gastronomical congress, chef among chefs and leader among leaders.

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