Ivano Mestriner

Ivano Mestriner became the Venice's Il Ridotto chef in May 2013, soon after getting a Michelin star at La Corte in Follina, in the area of Treviso. But he became famous years before at Dal Vero restaurant, around Badoere di Morgano, a town marked by the disproportion between beauty and fame of the 16th born piazza Indipendenza, I xe tuti mati (“they are all mad” in local dialect). That’s why, if Erasmus of Rotterdam transited into pilgrimage here today he would probably celebrate Ivano Mestriner’s praise of folly, a chef that makes that fired- red point on that amazing plaza, in the western hinterland of Treviso city, shine.

He’s mad because under the self-taught hands of this curious-eyed and tousled-gelled-haired guy, mortuaries of cattle, rodents and birds quickly become very vital new born units capable of being much more delicious than raw materials which are usually considered nobler. Long live to entrails then, at least the edible ones, long live to his giblets tasting menu with its nerves cocktails, rabbit liver terrines, cow marrows, chicken tagliolini, calf kidneys, rabbit bellies…

Watch out, however, since Ivano skips nicknames like the heracliteus man: if it all flows, nicknames too. The chef is, then, the “man of giblets” but only in one of his seven gastronomic lives because it’s impressive the rhythm through whom he continuously invents new recipes and themes that mark his step within the reign of what we are allowed to eat.
All this processes always turn around a marble pivot, planted by the teachings of Aimo Moroni, «my idle and maestro», he says: absolutely no compromises on raw materials.


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