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Davide Scabin

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

piazza Mafalda di Savoia
Rivoli (Torino)
T. +39.011.9565225


Once upon a time there was an eating place in a corner of Piedmont which “secretly” served creative menus, during unsuspected years. The Combal. And then an extremely modern restaurant, made of crystals, close to one of the most important museums of contemporary art of Italy. This serves dishes of the great classic and bourgeois cuisine. The

These are the two sides of the same medal, that complex and eclectic intelligence of Davide Scabin. A chef in continuous development, revolutionary in his thought and rigorous in his action, who already today would be able to start again a new restaurant from the very beginning. And maybe he does it every day in Rivoli, mixing technique and material without the bombast of the territory or the avant-garde cuisine, searching instead for spurs in his work and from his clients. This is why his thought has so many aspects, gastronomically speaking: according to the message, the moment and the contest, because his idea of cuisine can never stand still. By definition. Davide Scabin, the greatest innovator of all, defines and defines again his models of cooking and his inspirations every day.

Provoker, provocative and perfectionist he succeeds in giving his cooking contents which go beyond the dish. However, they always start from the focus on taste. Both when he plays with shapes and consistencies and when he carves the material looking for the absolute. Scabin is the one of the Check Salad but also that of the Turin-style breaded Fassona fillet. Or he is the two things together when he invents the Ravioli Shake or the Gin Veal Kidney. With no contradictions, able to reason and stupefy, to propose the creative dish of the year or the best product of the territory. Only when it really exists.

Has participated in

Identità London, Identità Milano, Identità New York

Chef at in Rivoli (Torino), two Michelin stars. Since 2014 he’s also in charge of the menu at Trattoria Blupum in Ivrea (Torino), also managing the joined Drogheria, an innovative concept. In September 2014, the arrival in New York with Mulino a Vino, directed by Paolo Meregalli.


Marco Bolasco