Giancarlo Timballo

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Gelateria Fiordilatte

via Cividale, 53
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President of Cogel Fipe and of World Cup of Ice cream and ice cream on a restaurant table, the most influential and important field events, and with such a family name (Timballo means “timbale”) he could not work but in the world of gastronomy.
Already as a child, Giancarlo used to live food experiences, with his grandfather and father, within the family company that used to sell wines from Friuli. Nature, grass fields and strenuous climbs on Carnia region ancient woods were the places where he could free his mind.

The love for ice cream came when he was 30, as he came to know the fathers of modern Italian artisan gelato: Carlo Pozzi, Luca Caviezel, Fulvio Scolari, Enzo Vannozzi and Donata Pancera. Stimulated by their frequent visits, he started the magical alchemy of combining creatively several ingredients, building the miracle of transformations from a liquid to a semi-solid, from a fragrant to a creamy status. The noble past of ice cream is a discovery that Giancarlo appreciated also thanks to myself, who introduced him to ancient Renaissance and 17th and 18th century recipe books.
They spoke of ice creams and sorbets made with flowers, spices and herbs with vegetables infusions. With the same passion he deepened his technique to make a good classic ice cream out of Tonda Gentile delle Langhe hazelnuts, Bronte pistachios, Avola almonds, Tahitian vanilla bean cream, or even chocolate declined in at least 30 different flavors and the fior di latte made from milk and fresh cream from Carnia.

Together with his wife Paola, he explored another parallel world: semifreddi and mousses. He studied and discovered “salty” ice-creams too, providing great chefs with ice creams out of foie gras, anchovies, clams, oysters, truffle, squid ink, vegetables such as celery, basil, potato, tomato, peppers and even from the great products of his lands such as montasio cheese from Friuli, formadi frant, smoked ricotta cheese from mountains malga and San Daniele ham and dessert wines such as picolit, ramandolo...

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