Gennaro Nasti

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani


10 rue Dancourt
75018 - Parigi
+33 (0)1 42574729

Chef-pizzaiolo Gennaro Nasti – a master of dough and leavening who’s always studying, experimenting and renewing – defends in Paris a new way of conceiving Neapolitan pizza, with tenaciousness, passion and his usual smile. 

At Bijou, the gourmet pizzeria he opened in November 2016 in Montmartre, he presents traditional and creative pizzas in a very refined setting. His pizzas are positioned in a new gourmet dimension, not because they’re elaborated or original, but because even when they’re simple or traditional, they’re exclusively made with extraordinary ingredients, from flour to tomatoes and foie gras. It’s gourmet in its elegant presentation and last but not least because of the attention given to the dining room service.

His long experience abroad has not weakened Gennaro’s strong link with his traditions. In fact it has made it stronger. At the same time it’s given him new stimuli to grow, widening the horizons to which he aims, further and further each day.

Born in 1975 in Naples, pizza conquered him since the first meals with his father at Trianon and Michele. Rather than his father’s pastry shop he prefers the pizzeria across the road where, still a scugnizzo, he spends his afternoons observing hands kneading and shaping the dough, gestures that make him fall in love with the profession.

After various experiences in Naples, he leaves for Barcelona, where he opens his first pizzeria. People in town don’t get him at the time so Nasti closes and moves to the United States where he manages the opening of various restaurants in Seattle, Portland, New York, Boston, Chicago, Beverly Hills, Miami, Las Vegas. He doesn’t just make Neapolitan tradition travel, and convey his culture on dough and raw materials. He also acquires a stronger awareness of the huge value enclosed in pizza.

In 2014, he takes on a new challenge: conquer Paris. The idea is to bring the best Italian products and his savoir-faire, but also to absorb the local culture and create something new. After a year and a half at La Famiglia Rebellato, he successfully launches Popine and, a few months later, he finally pursues his project with Bijou. He’s always loved confronting himself with chefs and at Bijou one can immediately notice the importance of this constant exchange. Today his dream is to see great pizzaioli and great pizzerias considered equal to the best chefs and their celebrated restaurants. In other words, he wants the real value of pizza to be acknowledged.

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