Citrus fruit & shellfish

Langoustine tartar and ice-cream, citrus fruit puzzle

Sergio Colalucci - Sergio Dondoli - Luca Landi - Mauro Petrini - Giancarlo Timballo

Langoustine ice-cream
100 g of cream
175 g of milk
282 g of langoustine head bisque
36 g of milk
129 g of dextrose
8 g of glycerine
5 g of cream stabiliser
220 g of roast langoustine flesh
5 g of salt

Langoustine tartar
3 fresh langoustines per portion
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and pepper

Citrus fruit sauce
pink grapefruit juice
salt and pepper
extra virgin olive oil

Lime and bergamot paper
250 g of mineral water
60 g of lime juice
3-4 g of finely grated lime zest
3 g of salt
9 g of methylcellulose
25 g of sugar
5 drops of bergamot

Citrus fruit to peel: Sicilian oranges, pink and yellow grapefruit, Amalfi Coast lemons, clementines, limes and mandarin oranges.
Sea water micro-filtered in a vaporiser.


Langoustine ice-cream
Mix all the ingredients, apart from the oil and langoustines, and gradually heat to 85 °C. Leave it to cool then mature in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Add the oil, the roast langoustines, homogenise and process in the ice-cream machine. Store at -13°C.

Langoustine tartar
Shell the langoustines, chop them and store in the fridge with ice until ready to use. When ready, dress with extra virgin olive oil, grated sea salt and pepper.

Citrus fruit sauce
Boil the juice with its weight in chopped fennel, until it reduces by half. Blend and mix with oil.
To make the sauce, boil every 100 g of cream with 1 g of agar and blend again with a hand blender.

Lime and bergamot paper
Use a mixer to bend all the ingredients and leave to rest for a few hours in the fridge. Then pour the mixture onto a baking sheet and bake for two hours in the oven at 85 °C. When the mixture is firm, cut into strips to suit the mould we are going to use to shape the ice-cream and tartar duet. Store in the fridge.

Arrange the peeled citrus fruit on the plat and dress with hot grapefruit sauce. Line the mould chosen with the baking paper and spray with vaporised sea water to dress and soften. Fill half way with ice-cream and the rest with the dressed tartar. Close the duet and serve it on the citrus fruit and hot sauce.