Alexandre Gauthier

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Auberge de la Grenouillere

La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil
T. +33.(0)3.21060722

Born in 1979, Alexander Gauthier is one of the most promising French chefs. Alain Ducasse first spotted him and invited him to Plaza Athénée in Paris on the occasion of an event with young and talented chefs. He immediately showed creativity and rigour. Now an ex enfant prodige of the New French Cuisine, since 2003 he’s at the helm of Grenouillère, the Auberge in Madelaine-sous-Montreuil – a village of under 200 inhabitants, in north France - whose appearance and ambitions he changed completely.

Two Michelin stars (2008 and 2017), twice chef of the year for the important Gault Millau (2014 and 2016), speaker at Omnivore for as many as 10 times (and for us at Identità Londra, in 2010), it looks like the climb of this young man looks is not destined to stop here. Indeed the “frog-place” is now a not to be missed destination for every lover of a cuisine still well anchored to its French roots, but also devoid of its aprioristic beliefs, a task that’s hardly easy in a country with 120 years of haute cuisine behind it.

The style of Gauthier, who was also gratified with the title of Chevalier des arts et lettres from the French Ministry of Culture, is anchored to all the “natural and human” aspects of his Côte d’Opale, a very personal vision of his territory, always following a motto he holds very dear, a quote from a writer from his hometown, Daniel Rondeau: «The best way to prepare for the future is to give everything in the present». 

Knowledge, technique and a remarkable sensitivity depict a brutal, refined and powerful cuisine, focused on the supremacy of flavour in dining. A minimalist interpretation that bursts from the classic foundations, giving new life to great sauces and fatty elements with surprisingly balanced acid and vegetal components. Traditional recipes channelled to new frontiers of taste can also be found in the other two establishments directed by Gauthier in the surroundings of GrenouillèreFroggy’s tavern, a contemporary rotisserie opened already 12 years ago, and the more recent Anecdote, a fake typo for an establishment based on a menu from 1979, inspired by his father Roland Gauthier.


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