Sergio Falaschi

Photo Maurizio Camagna

Photo Maurizio Camagna

Norcineria Macelleria Sergio Falaschi

via A. Conti, 13
San Miniato (Pisa)
T. +39.0571.43190

At Identità Golose there’s haute cuisine, but there’s also “haute butchering”: that form of impeccable gastronomic craftsmanship with which the chef’s creativity can run wild if he so desires. It takes on renaissance accents in Tuscany, a land where meat is cloaked in pathos worthy of towers and city walls, be it fresh or preserved. Have its flavours really changed since apprentices survived in the work sites of the tower of Federico II, or is the ham in the sandwich still the same?

There’s no doubt about it, Falaschi ham has never changed since 1925, the year of establishment of the shop in San Miniato by the patriarch of pork butchering, grandfather Guido. His art has been handed down from son to grandson, first to Vasco and then to Sergio, who now represents the third generation of the Falaschi family, working in successful partnership with his son Andrea. The animals too are probably exactly the same as they were all those years ago, if we think that the antique breed of native pig still runs free on the neighbouring hills, only now it’s known as organic and is labelled as such.

Sergio Falaschi is a member of the Consorzio per la Tutela della Cinta Senese, whose numbers labels provide tracking guarantees for hams, livers, shoulders, salami, finocchione, lardons, pigs’ cheeks and rigatoni bacon. He butchered the first 7 DOP pigs. He also produces Pork loin in Vin Santo, Soppressata with citrus and with blood, a bit like Biroldo. Antique and very Tuscan specialities, among which a Slow Food presidia, mallegato pisano, nestles, for which Sergio is officially responsible. Without snubbing a few excursions into creativity (like the sausage inspired by the Mediterranean flavourings of chili and dill, imported into San Miniato by Sergio’s wife, Lina Grassi) or fresh meat.

Having taught Tuscan cooking and meat joints during courses for professional chefs, Sergio has taken his mission beyond the walls of via Augusto Conti: founder of the Consorzio Macello Pubblico of San Miniato, aimed at monitoring the tracking of meats, he has entered into an agreement with the municipal and provincial councils and the breeders’ association to supply local products to the area’s nursery and primary schools, with a view to educating children to taste.

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