Enrico Pierri

Il Sanlorenzo

via dei Chiavari 4/5
T. +39.06.6865097

Sincere, essential, dynamic. If you ask Enrico Pierri to describe himself in three words, this would be his answer, with the resolute manner of someone who believes in a profession he’s practiced since the age of 14. With him, at Il Sanlorenzo, today there’s his wife, Tuscan Elena, who takes care of the wine list.


Il Sanlorenzo in via dei Chiavari is the evolution of a first experience in the Roman restaurant scene that has seen Enrico and Elena working in a wine bar in the university neighbourhood of the Capital. The change arrived in 2007, when the current restaurant was opened – after 13 months of skilful restorations – standing on the foundation of Pompey’s ancient theatre, a few steps from Campo dei Fiori. Thanks to his Neapolitan origins, Enrico has a taste for fish, which arrives daily from the sea at Ponza, supplied by Gino Pesce (what better name? Pesce means fish in Italian) patron of the famous Acqua Pazza. So at San Lorenzo fish is at its best, so much so that there is a fish-corner with a bar and tall chairs where you can taste a glass of good wine while they serve you a plate of raw fish. Dishes recall the tradition of the Campania region, with the rigour and cleanliness that characterise Enrico’s style, and some say that his fish soup alone – charming you thanks to its concentration of tastes – is worth the visit, and a longer journey too.


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