Peppino e Angela Tinari

Villa Maiella

via Sette Dolori, 30
Guardiagrele (Chieti)
T. +39.0871.809319


Peppino and Angela Tinari are like those fantastic craftsmen working with iron that you can still find in these corners of Abruzzo: they have shaped their kitchen between the cold winds blowing from the mountains and with the will of someone who knows that if you show commitment and talent you can succeed. They are the owners of Villa Maiella, one of the most fascinating hospitality locations in Abruzzo. They are two people who love their land and have decided to bring local cuisine to its highest level without abandoning their beloved territory. Their restaurant is in fact located in Guardiagrele, inside the Maiella National Park. A place Thoreaux would have loved.

The excellent food, the fruit of the efforts of their exploration of Abruzzo’s traditions, derives its quality from many different elements: produce from the mountains, the proximity to the Adriatic Sea, the numerous vineyards and olive groves on the hills. In their daily work a creative component cannot be missing. This is both the result of approaching a wider public and of the necessary simplification (and modernization) of traditional cuisine.

Peppino Tinari owes a lot to his master at the stoves, the same Giovanni Spaventa who did his best at Hotel Cipriani, in Venice, for over thirty years. But Peppino’s secret isn’t only a preeminent training, but also the patient creation of an experienced and efficient team in the kitchen. The starting point is, needless to say, the accurate selection of raw materials: spelt, legumes and vegetables selected from the small producers in the countryside, white meat, lamb and high quality game, Abruzzo’s truffles, less known but not inferior to their more famous brothers. The deep knowledge of every tradition has led the Tinari couple to innovations that are deeply rooted in their territory. So dishes like Trota del Tirino allo zafferano are the expression of a research that in fact is a non-research, a renovation that is mostly a way of looking back. Or, better still, of looking around. As simple as breathing the untainted air of the Maiella. Untainted, in this case, by fashion or “foreign” influences. An example that even their sons, Arcangelo and Pascal, second generation in the kitchen and the dining room, follow faithfully.

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