Roberto e Fiorella Ghisolfi

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

 Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Pizzeria Lo Spicchio

via Decia, 25

Pizza by the slice, is a concept easier said than done. It depends on the type of slice. Which, for Roberto Ghisolfi, is a vision that has become a religion. That is to say a perspective sublimed into a philosophy. It is so important that it has deserved a fragrant laboratory dedicated to it, in the city of violins and torrone, namely Cremona. So this is how Lo Spicchio was born - “A workshop where pizza becomes an art”, as indicated on the red sign on via Decia. This is a place dedicated to the artisanal and manual ability of shaping a scientifically prepared dough which is then sealed with excellent toppings. In this way, the highest quality of raw materials is consecrated, honouring seasonal ingredients and finishing everything with a good dose of creativity.

After all, in order to prepare a good “triangle”, you need stone milled flours (rich in fibres and wheat germs), natural yeast, oil, salt and a topping in capital letters. Not to mention the time required by a long fermentation and the right leavening that will make pizza indeed tasty but also digestible and healthy. These are essential concepts for master Ghisolfi: his father and grandfather were bakers, the art of pizza runs in his blood, while his eyes are curious, his heart passionate and, by his side (for over 30 years, in his personal and professional life) he has a tenacious woman as Fiorella. Fiore – he calls her. And “fiore di pizza” is the name of his round and finely crispy pizza coppata: a crunch full of intriguing flavour.

His secret dream? Having a dough list. This would serve in communicating that the fundamentals are made of work, patience, experience and a substantial difference between one preparation and the other. Meanwhile, Roberto has already accomplished a small revolution. That of offering always a fresh, express and never reheated product. The slice is prepared, precooked and sold unfinished: so it can be put in the oven at the right moment, whether on location or at home.

So the Ghisolfi’s conduct their “mission possible”. They are proud knights of the pop, romantic and rock slice. They preserve a wise and constant knowledge that gives incredible results. As in the case of the totally natural Ale focaccia, made with whole-wheat thank to the help of their son Alessio, a chemistry researcher in Strasburg. Or the experiments on mother yeast and other preparations without yeast, in order to obtain a dough (to be left to rest) using only water, flour, germinated buckwheat or germinated wheat resulting in a lively slice full of a thousand virtues.

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Born in Argentina, in Mar del Plata, on May 15th 1954, he opened Lo Spicchio in 2006, together with his inseparable wife Fiorella. His secret? Over 30 years of experience, a slice that looks like it were tailor made and an accurate training, fine tuned at Università della Pizza in Vighizzolo d’Este, as well as specialization courses, seminars and technical symposiums such as PizzaUp


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