Pierpaolo Pavan

Mission: impossible? «You can, in fact you must, eat well, very well, and at the same time in a healthy and balanced way. We need to defeat the idea that a high quality dinner needs to be contrary to our diet». This is the battle to which Pierpaolo Pavan is dedicating his entire professional life. A 56-year-old nutritionist from Este (Padua), he runs the Food and Nutrition Hygiene service at Ulss 17 in nearby Monselice, he is in charge of the Diet service of the local hospital, and lectures in various degree programmes at the University of Padua.

Most of all, however, for years he’s been studying the characteristics of different foods and how they influence our health, and he spreads the culture of healthy-and-tasty eating which is the very contrary to the classic image of the flavour-killer dietician. According to him, a nutritionist needs to work in close contact with a restaurateur, in order to make sure that flavour goes finely together with health. He therefore energetically defends the Mediterranean diet against the high-protein diets coming from overseas; in his studies he clearly states that the «right reference diet is ours, while others are only dangerous to our health. Thumbs up for bread, pizza, as long as it is not transformed into junk food, as often, unfortunately, the case».

His “Good and light” project synthetises these ideas and has received various acknowledgements. His curriculum also includes various publications, always directed to the right food education and often aimed at students. For instance, for seven years he has worked with bread, through school projects, in order to re-launch it as an essential food in students’ snacks, instead of the advertised and mass-produced products. He is constantly committed to spreading and communicating these ideas; he collaborates with Medicina 33, the daily medicine column of Tg2, and Latte e Miele radio channel, where he runs a programme on nutrition.

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It is possible to eat food that is both tasty and healthy. This is what nutritionist Pierpaolo Pavan from Padua has been preaching for years, through books, school projects and an intense communication activity on radio and television. He’s the director of the Food and Nutrition Hygiene Services at Ulss 17 in Monselice (Padua)


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