Marcello Corrado

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Credits Brambilla-Serrani

Osteria Perillà

via Borgo Maestro, 74
53023 - Castiglione D'Orcia (Siena) - Rocca d'Orcia
+39 0577 887263


Marcello Corrado was born in 1979, and since November 2017 he is at the helm of Osteria Perillà in the village of Rocca d’Orcia. He was born in Naples but then moved to Rome. A graduate in Economics, he trained to become an accountant until the turning point when he enrolled at Alma to follow his passion for cooking. After a few years spent in Treviso, in a restaurant famous for its recipes based on offal, he moved to Salerno to Casa del Nonno 13. Meanwhile, they called him at La Peca and at Stefano Baiocco’s restaurant. Then he met Pasquale Forte, the owner of Podere Forte who was looking for a strong personality for his Osteria Perillà:he joined the team in April 2017. Initially, they renovated the place and reduced the guests to around 20, to guarantee a high-quality offer and the greatest attention to detail.

“When they ask me from what I draw inspiration for my cuisine” – the chef says - “I remind people that only 600 m from here there’s a farm where, on top of wine, we raise free range cinta senese pigs, guinea fowls, lambs, pigeons. All with biodynamic farming, which allows us to make cured meat, oil, eggs, honey and meat of the highest standards, respecting the earth. It’s the “km here” approach, as they call it at the Osteria, using mostly what is available nearby. However, this concept goes beyond the zero km, thanks to a deep knowledge of other regions, and their peculiarities. The recipes also include some elements that are considered more noble, but at the same time, they use every part of the animals that arrive from the farm, in a fusion style inspired by the places where Corrado has lived, mixing these experiences with the Terre di Siena. There’s one common denominator above all: pleasantness. “Dining is a moment of joy, and therefore the food you eat must be tasty”. And this taste was also noticed by the Michelin Guide which awarded him in 2018, only one year after he started this adventure, with a star.

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Born in Naples, now based in Lucca, she started off as a literary critic before focusing on wine and food (her passion). She loves travelling and the friendly atmosphere of a dining experience