Manchego cheese mousse with black truffle, artichokes and Iberian ham stock

Maria Josè San Román


400 ml of fresh cream
300 ml of milk
500 g of manchego cheese
1 gelatine sheet
8 boiled artichoke hearts
20 g of black truffle
200 g of mushrooms
200 g of Iberian ham stock
1 g of agar
20 g of finely chopped Iberian ham
100 g of saffron



Make a ham stock with the bones and clarify it. Add the gelatine and the agar. Pour the mixture into a 1 cm high mould. Cool.
Heat the cream with the milk, add the grated cheese and blend in the Thermomix, strain and pour into a siphon.
Toss the artichoke hearts in a pan with the mushrooms and a little oil.
Sauté the chopped ham and leave to dry in the oven.

Cut out a 6 cm round of ham jelly. Place the dry ham on it. Cover with the cheese mousse and top with artichokes and mushrooms. Slice the fresh truffle over the top.


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Maria Josè San Román

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