Dive into the sea

Emanuele Scarello


For 4 people

1 very fresh sea bass
fresh seaweed (sea lettuce, sea spaghetti, dulse, etc.)
200 dl of still mineral water
2 spoonfuls of dried seaweed
extra virgin olive oil



Clean and fillet the sea bass, slice it finely and place it on the plates. Bring the mineral water to the boil, pour over the dried seaweed and leave in infusion for 6 minutes, then filter.

Lay the fresh seaweed on top of the sea bass and drizzle with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Then stretch some film tightly over the plate. When steam starts to come out of the Thermovap, connect the blender to the seaweed "tea". Lift a flap of film and allow the steam to enter and gently cook the sea bass.