Female chef's life stories

Women who, for a moment, leave pots and pans to tell us their experience and point of view

Challenging oneself in Norway

The experience of young Lucia Tellone at Maeemo in Oslo. A cuisine worth learning from


Lucia Tellone, at the centre of the small kitchen inside Maeemo in Oslo, Norway, chef Esben Holmboe Bang. Born in Avezzano in 1984, Tellone is at her second important experience after Enrico Bartolini’sDevero

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Kobe and the truth of the fire: Aurora Storari’s thoughts from Belgium

Only embers, grills and wood ovens. The random thoughts of the Roman cook, who’s been working at Chambre Séparée for a few months now

10-05-2019 | 12:00

At the end of 2016 Belgian cook Kobe Desramaults closed the acclaimed In de Wulf to open Chambre Séparée, a new-primordial concept of cuisine. Giving her back, Aurora Storari, who’s been working at the restaurant in Gent for a few months now (photo instagram)

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The Michelin guide is always ungenerous with female chefs

Despite the 3 stars given to Crenn, only 161 restaurants out of the 2990 awarded are guided by female chefs. This will be discussed in San Sebastian

19-12-2018 | 20:00

The female chefs with three stars, in chronological order from the top left corner, clockwise: Elena ArzakEugenie Brazier, the most famous of the “Lyonnaisemothers” over 50 years ago, Dominique CrennAnnie FeoldeAnne-Sophie PicCarme RuscalledaNadia Santini and Luisa Valazza

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Noma and back

Jessica, a young chef de partie from the Marche working in Copenhagen for almost 3 years now, tells her story


Born in Macerata, Marche, Jessica Natali is chef de partie at Noma in Copenhagen, the restaurant where she arrived as an intern in the winter of 2012/13

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I discovered gourmet Finland

Cristina Bowerman tells us about her experience at Food Camp, surrounded by a still virgin nature


A group photo at the end of Food Camp, the Finnish culinary event that this year had Cristina Bowerman among its protagonists

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Raw diet is the new frontier

Cristina Bowerman tells us about her (re)discovery of raw food during a recent trip to California


A dish at Make Out, "raw food café", one of Matthew Kenney’s restaurants: it is located in Culver City, California. Thanks to Kenney, Cristina Bowerman has rediscovered her raw diet inclination, and tells us how it happened and why

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Loide, Tricase and Farmacia Balboa

«If I’m not in love, I don’t cook: vegetables can tell if they’re loved by the person massaging them»

15-08-2015 | 09:00

What has always been a chemist’s in Piazza Pisanelli in Tricase, became a lovely cocktail-bar with cold food in 2014, which the three partners named Farmacia Balboa, tel. +39.0833.772585. In the photo by Cosimo Cortese we can see one of them, wine producer Francesco Winspeare. The other two are a director, Taylor Hackford, and restaurateur Mauro Arena. Left Loide Pappadà, the raw-diet chef working at Balboa as of this year

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