The latest idea by the Salvo brothers: a list of vermouths

The brothers’ drink offer keeps on growing, after their successful match of pizza and champagne

Francesco ans Salvatore Salvo 

Francesco ans Salvatore Salvo 

By now, we’re used to the surprises offered by the Salvo brothers. After transforming the family restaurant in San Giorgio a Cremano into an emblem of “contemporary pizza”, Francesco and Salvatore have now opened a new place in a historic building in Naples. 

Or rather, we’re no longer surprised that they’re always ready to surprise us with something new: new pizzas, new carefully selected ingredients, new pairings. The latest news is the list of vermouths soon to be introduced in both places. Another brilliant idea that follows the design – thanks to the support of sommelier Pasquale Brillante – of one of the most complete lists of craft beers and wines to be found in an Italian pizzeria, including vintage editions and great labels served by the glass, thanks to the Enomatic system;and bubbles from Italy and France, as well as a list of Marsala wine, with few but carefully selected labels that revive the old Neapolitan tradition of serving fried pizza with the Sicilian wine. So now there’s Vermouth: the historic Piedmontese fortified wine, after regaining its popularity in the past few years so that you can now find it in every cocktail bar, is now also available in a pizzeria.

In this case too, after a long series of tastings and research, Francesco, Salvatore and Pasquale selected four labels, each one with a specific character, to be paired with as many pizzas with “remarkable” flavours. For instance, there’s vermouth Carlo Alberto Red paired with a delicious Quattro Formaggi, made with fior di latte d’Agerola, goat milk’s blue cheese matured with red fruits and roses, and, during the baking, completed with shaved matured provolone and a cream of robiola from cow and goat’s milk. The tasty Cosacca, with lots of shaved pecorino irpino, will be presented with Italian-Spanish Vermò from Ettore Velluto and Jorge Ferrer. The classic Marinara with Mulassano Rosso andMargherita del Vesuvio with the historic Carpano Antica Formula.


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