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Massimiliano Prete: «Pizzerias are about conviviality, in safety». And he pulls out of the oven Margherita Extravergine

Ideas and news from the pizzaiolo in Piedmont. Who says: «Those who worked well, and made the right investments, won’t have difficulties and will be able to start again without too much effort»

Margherita Extravergine from Massimiliano Prete.

Margherita Extravergine from Massimiliano Prete. The dough is with Petra Evolutiva. On top, a sauce with tomatoes from Vesuvius a lampadina from Marianna D’Auria, and then goat’s milk ricotta from Martino Patti, and finally basil pesto and pistachios from Bronte «in honour of the great master Corrado Assenza».

«You cannot imagine the future of the restaurant industry without it being safe, but we must preserve its conviviality. In restaurants and pizzerias, conviviality and sociality are crucial». Massimiliano Prete is not the typical guy from Campania, because he’s always worked as a pizzaiolo to improve pizza, what many believe is an untouchable and sacred dish and recipe. And also because while he hasn’t picked the accent of Saluzzo and Piedmont, he surely has acquired a calm and polite approach and a minimalist speech that makes chatting with him always sincere and pleasurable.

The three months of reclusion because of Covid-19 for Massimiliano can be divided into three different moments. The first, from late February to April, was a time of reflection and a time to help the least fortunate people with fundraising events and pizzas donated to hospital staff members.

Massimiliano Prete

Massimiliano Prete

The second moment, until the end of May, was a time for redesigning. First of all, through the development of a delivery service, which for a gourmet pizza must be well designed. The base is delivered after a few minutes of baking, and the topping is packaged separately. Client then finish the baking and complete the pizza with the fresh ingredients and the instructions of the tutorial prepared by the chef. This way, clients play at assembling the dish and the crunchiness is left unaltered. «We’re now working on a new packaging, which is closer to that of Pierre Hermé’s pralines than to the horrible cardboard packaging of take away pizza».

Prete’s delivery service

Prete’s delivery service

After launching the delivery service, they analysed in depth the costs and revenues, a real management control analysis, so that reopening would be done safely, and supported by the necessary economic sustainability. «It’s a time when it’s important to look at the numbers; the entrepreneurial side is crucial». The menu therefore became shorter, to contain food and supply costs.

Then they thought of the novelties, to be included in a new interactive menu, and which enhance the relationship with small and very small Italian producers and their great raw materials. This led to the birth of “Orgoglio Italiano”, the new tasting menu, with new recipes and ingredients, such as a light and savoury  beer aromatised with focaccia, made with Birrificio Antagonista from Melle, and produced with the surplus production of the pizzerias.



There was also space for a small revolution, with the introduction in the menu of Margherita Extravergine (though there’s no trace of extra virgin olive oil), a new recipe for the queen of pizzas, with a dough made with the mixed wheat varieties from Giuseppe Li Rosi which give life to Petra Evolutiva «and give an incredible aromatic power». On top, a sauce made with tomatoes from Vesuvius a lampadina from Marianna D’Auria, then goat’s milk ricotta from Martino Patti, and finally a pesto of basil and pistachios from Bronte «in honour of the great master Corrado Assenza».

And so we’ve arrived at the third and last phase, opening again, from the 23rd of May. Now, after a  couple of months, the restaurants in Saluzzo and Torino are open 7 days a week, and you can eat inside or have the meal delivered home.

Translated into English by Slawka G. Scarso

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