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Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani


Via del Vantaggio 14, Roma, +39.06.3201590

Alessandro Narducci, born in 1990, still has a simple heart, a heart from the suburbs, even now that he’s moved to Piazza del Popolo and Angelo Toriani, an experienced restaurateur in Rome and his master, has teamed up with him at Acquolina.

The starred restaurant moved from Collina Fleming to Via del Vantaggio. And it doubled with Acquaroof, the fish bar on the panoramic terrace above The First Luxury Art Hotel from which the city reveals its immodest beauty like a Maja desnuda.

As a kid, he’d make dinner for mum and dad. «I’m happy if I make others happy. This is the secret to succeed in this profession. When my mother realised how curious I was, she enrolled me in a course for sommeliers. That’s how I educated my palate, and learnt about history and geography». So Alessandro Narducci enrolled at university and returned home not with a degree, but with a contract as cook at Hilton.

«When I entered that kitchen, it was like a wonderland. I had an army of different uniforms and toques in front of me, depending on the role. It was another world». That’s where he met Gianni Fella, sous chef at the five star hotel. «Zen calm in a world at war, neatness, elegance. That’s how it works. He told me about cooking and about Convivio, where he learnt the job. Then one day I made up my mind: I wanted to study from the master of my master».

Anno domini 2011. At 21 he arrives at number 31 in Vicolo dei Soldati. «Angelo is a real cook. I learnt the meaning of excellence from him: pecorino di Fossa, mountain herbs. He never shouts, he doesn’t need to. Assertiveness is something else. While with Fella I wore my first white uniform, Angelo Troiani gave me the toque».

Young Narducci dreams of La Pergola. A burning ambition, just like the desire to travel the world and acquire experience. In 2014 all of a sudden he takes a one way ticket to the Emirates, Dubai, with the initial staff of Heinz Beck’s Social. Troiani lets him go but says: «You’ll be back in one year’s time, I bet». He was right.

In 2015 Alessandro Narducci is back through the main entrance at Troiani’s: the uniform awaiting him is that of executive at Acquolina. Simple cuisine, elegant skills, strong connection with the history of the place, and with the recipe books of Carnacina, but with a contemporary take.

Poor ingredients served in the heart of Rome. This offered the cement for his relationship with Angelo Troiani, which in April 2017 became a partnership between pupil and master.

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