Coconut wakame

For the wakame jelly
50 g di wakame

For the coconut sorbet
800 g of coconut milk
3 jars of coconut cream

For the coconut cream
900 g of coconut flesh
5 g of gelatine sheets
50 g of powdered egg white

For the cocoa bean praline
1 kg of cocoa bean scales
2 kg of sugar

For the garnish
desiccated coconut powder spray
frozen desiccated coconut


For the wakame jelly
blanche the seaweed in boiling water and immediately plunge in icy water. Purée with 500 g of water, filter through a Chinoise sieve and set to one side.

For the sorbet
whisk the coconut milk and coconut cream together. Filter through a Chinoise sieve and freeze in ice-cream containers.

For the coconut cream
soften the gelatine sheets in cold water. Heat half of the coconut flesh, add the rehydrated gelatine and whisk together. Mix the rest of the cold coconut flesh with the powdered egg white. Combine the hot mixture with the cold mixture, filter through the Chinoise sieve and leave to rest overnight.

For the praline
dissolve the sugar in a large rondeau pan, with 10% of its weight in water. When it has dissolved completely, incorporate the cocoa beans. Stir constantly, making sure that the beans are evenly coated, until the sugar crystallizes. They are now “sanded”. The sugar looks dry and there are no traces of liquid syrup on the bottom of the rondeau pan. Shake the cocoa beans in a sieve to eliminate any excess sugar and place them in a clean rondeau pan over a high flame. Stir the cocoa beans constantly using a ladle, overturning them and scraping around the sides, making sure that the heat is evenly distributed. The sugar coating will melt again and start to caramelise. Continue until all the sugar has caramelised. Tip the cocoa beans between two sheets of baking paper and roll them up to form a sheet. Cut into squares, grind into powder in the Robot coupe and sieve.

Arrange the wakame jelly, coconut sorbet, cocoa bean praline, frozen desiccated coconut and spray desiccated coconut nicely in small bowls.