Salvatore e Francesco Salvo

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Credit Brambilla-Serrani

Pizzeria Salvo da Tre Generazioni

largo Arso, 10/16
San Giorgio a Cremano (Napoli)


Francesco and Salvatore Salvo represent the third generation (the fourth is already born, but yet too young to have a finger in the pie) of a family of pizza-makers always dedicated to the tradition of Neapolitan pizza. The two brothers had never thought of denying their origins. Instead, a few years ago, they began an intelligent evolution of the family heritage, working thoroughly on dough (a careful study of flours, hydration and timings resulted in a very light and highly digestible dough, always following the Neapolitan school) and condiments, which draw from the best of local and regional production, without ever exceeding in experimentation.

It has been a virtuous journey dedicated to quality, one that now comes full circle with the opening of a new location, or, to be more exact, an enlargement of the previous one. It is a modern yet simple restaurant, with two traditional ovens and two deep fryers, perfectly incarnating Salvatore and Francesco’s creed: to continue to offer excellent pizzas (and delicious fried dishes) following Neapolitan tradition while aiming for the top. From here collaborations with the producers of the excellent products of the local territory (and beyond) are born, as well as the “adoption” of products that belong to Slow Foods Presidia or even of a whole Comunità del Cibo (namely the community dedicated to the underground potato of the Taburno area) but also of olive oil and artisanal beer lists on top of the one dedicated to local wines. And so on. All this, without ever denying their origins, but, in fact, looking with intelligence and an open mind to all that happens in the world of pizza, even beyond the region’s borders.

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Francesco Salvo, born in 1977, is a construction engineer at the service of pizza. Salvatore, instead, was born in 1982 and soon after finishing the scientific lyceum he began to work with his father in the family pizzeria, then located in Portici. When their father died, they both decided to dedicate themselves fulltime to the current pizzeria which was born as a 40 sq. metre establishment and now counts a good 420. Francesco is more bashful and is also in charge of the administration while Salvatore is more in charge of the oven and the dough and often participates in events and meetings.


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