Risotto with burrata and Mediterranean flavourings

Nicola e Pierluigi Portinari

For 4 people

280 g of Carnaroli rice
120 g of burrata
10 g of dried tomatoes
8 g of olives dried at 28° C for 24 hours
8 g of Pantelleria capers dried at 38° C for 24 hours
16 fresh oregano leaves
1 dl of dry white wine
1 l of water
1 l of whole milk
40 g of Pantelleria extra virgin olive oil


Whisk the burrata into a cream, add a few spoonfuls of milk.
Toast the rice in a pan with some oil and add the white wine, leaving it to evaporate before gradually adding the milk and water, previously mixed and brought to the boil. Cook the rice until soft. Add salt and pepper; stir in the Pantelleria oil.
Spread about 40 g of burrata cream on a plate, lay the rice over it and sprinkle with sliced tomatoes, then the chopped olives, capers and fresh oregano leaves. Finish with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.