Mauro Petrini

Gelateria Petrini

piazza dell'Alberone, 16a
T. +39.06.786307

The nickname of Mauro Petrini is “the engineer of ice cream” for many reasons: his previous studying experiences in the world of dessert, the choice of turning to the art of ice cream in order to follow the footsteps of his dad and grandfather, his amazing ability in building ice cream recipes.

Teacher at the Carpigiani University, he’s a restless student, very fond of experimentation on new hot/frozen cooking matches. He’s national vicepresident of Co.gel Fiper Confcommercio, coordinator of the Research and Development Committee, and events’curator for the same association.
Once in a year, in his ice cream shop, he serves only chocolate ice cream for a whole week.

There are thirty different chocolate flavours. Ten are made with spices and tea: nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, pink pepper, chilli, Sichuan pepper, black tea, black tea and Mediterranean flavours, almond, Bombay (pink pepper, ginger, cloves). Three tastes are made with liqueur: rhum, Late Grappa, Aurum; seven are prepared with dark bitter chocolate: pure chocolate, cru Ocumare, amaretto, coffee, balsamic vinegar, mint, orange; seven tastes are made with pure white chocolate: the pure one, Thaiti (a particular vanilla quality), Bourbon (another kind of vanilla), orange and saffron, liquorice, Bailey’s, pistachio. Three milk chocolate flavours are enriched with fruit: raspberry, passion fruit, berry-flavoured tea infusion.

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