Breadsticks on a sheet of salt

Tomaž Kavcic

For 1 sheet of breadsticks

For the sheet
220 g of fine salt (preferably from the Pirano saltpans)
220 g of coarse salt (preferably from the Pirano saltpans)
20 g of egg whites
50 g of infusion of wine, paprika, bayleaf, rosemary, water and salt (made by leaving the washed and torn flavourings to macerate in the liquids)

For the breadsticks
600 g of Petra flour
12 g of unrefined salt (preferably from the Pirano saltpans)
3 g of malt
3 g of ivy honey
25 g of brewer's yeast
70 g of extra virgin olive oil
300 g of water
spray butter

For the filling
1 dl of olive oil
4 dl of ham stock
1 l of wine (Refosco Terrano)
2 g of thickener (Gelespessa)

For the garnish
Mount Nanos cheese ice-cream
salt scarves


For the sheet
Prepare the infusion and mix it with the salts and egg white. Mould a rectangular sheet on a baking tray and use stainless steel tubes to form the grooves that will provide the bed for cooking the breadsticks. The sheet has to bake for 1 hour at 110° C.

For the breadsticks
Dissolve the brewer's yeast in the warm water sweetened with the honey. Mix all the ingredients in the planetary mixer, running on a low speed for the first 3 minutes and a higher speed for the next 4. Make 30 g balls and leave them to rise for 40 minutes, then roll them out to a length of 26 cm and roll them around the steel tubes, previously coated with spray butter. Lay these hollow breadsticks in the grooves and bake at 185° C for 11 minutes. To prevent them from sticking to the sheet, heat it to 55° C before placing them on it. It is also possible to dust the breadstick bed with ham salt, herb salt or dehydrated vegetable salt.
When cooked, leave the breadsticks to cool and slide out the tubes.

For the filling
Place the ingredients on the heat and leave them to boil until you have 1 l of liquid, in order to eliminate the alcohol and acidity. Incorporate the thickener at the end. Place the filling in an icing bag and fill the breadsticks.

Serve with the Mount Nanos cheese ice-cream, wrapping a scarf with a pocket containing a sachet of salt and spices warmed in the oven around the client's neck, so that the sachet is positioned at the back of the neck. The scarf with the sachet will be given to the client to reheat and use at home.