Cuttlefish "Risotto"

Ivano Mestriner

For 4 people

1 kg of cuttlefish
150 g of Carnaroli rice
4 cuttlefish eggs
200 g of vegetable stock
60 g of extra virgin olive oil
8 g of cuttlefish ink
8 g of cuttlefish liver
6 g of Sarawak pepper
garlic oil


Steam the eggs at 70 °C in the oven for 10 minutes. Chill. Peel them open to obtain petals. Arrange them in a spiral on a sheet of baking paper.

Filter the cuttlefish liver and ink. Clean the cuttlefish, setting the ink to one side. Cut the abdomen of the cuttlefish, making very tiny pieces like grains of rice.
Cook the rice in the vegetable stock until very soft, then blend to obtain a rice cream.

Cook the finely chopped cuttlefish in a pan with the rice cream for 5 minutes. Take off the heat and stir in some garlic flavoured extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper.

Place on a serving plate over a base made with a small amount of cuttlefish liver. To garnish, place the cuttlefish egg spiral on the rice and pour a little extra virgin olive oil and a drop of cuttlefish ink in the middle.