Pier Daniele Seu



Seu Pizza Illuminati

10-18, via Angelo Bargoni
00153 - Roma

Born in 1987 to Sardinian dad and Roman mum, he discovered his passion for dough and cooking when he was very young, fascinated by watching how the combination of water, flour and yeast can develop into one of the most delicious and beloved foods. In Rome Pier Daniele trained with Stefano Callegari: he attended his courses, studied on books, experimented to analyse the result of his work.

Today Pier Daniele and his partner Valeria Zuppardo run one of the most popular restaurants in the Capital, Seu Pizza illuminati: their idea of a different “pizza experience” comes from afar, from the first restaurants in Rome where they worked, and where they left their mark thanks to a growing identity. He had approached the world of pizza when he was in his twenties, as a self-trained pizzaiolo. He learnt how to roll with the pin in a pizzeria in Rome, built his muscles in a pub in town and then worked for two years at Gazometro38, where he had the chance to improve his knowledge and research.

In 2016 his friend Gabriele Bonci offered him to run the pizzeria at Mercato Centrale and 5 months later he decided to open also his own Seu Pizza Illuminati.

He has received many awards over the years; the most prominent pizza guides have written about him, as well as international publications like Forbes, CNN Travel and Washington Post.

His dough is very light, with a puffy and tall but soft and completely edible edge. All this topped with original seasonings, that play with fantasy, experiments and memories. On the recovery of childhood flavours and homely recipes.

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