Double ravioli with Mora Romagnola broiled piglet and burrata filling, with Grana Padano sauce, gravy and thyme

Riccardo Monco and Annie Féolde

1 Mora Romagnola piglet shoulder of 400 g circa
30 g of finely chopped onion
2 dl of pork broth
200 g of burrata
50 g of Grana Padano
30 g of fresh cream
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
20 g of gravy
500 g of pasta (made with 500 g of “00” flour and 6 egg yolks)
salt, pepper and extra virgin Tuscan olive oil from the Giorgio Pinchiorri selection


Slowly broil the piglet shoulder for circa 30 minutes, debone and cut in pieces. Cook the chopped onion for a few minutes in a pan with a little oil, then add the broth and then the pork and leave to cook for about an hour until the pork meat will be thoroughly cooked. Mince in a mixer and leave to rest.

Mince the burrata in a mixer, press it and leave it to rest. For the sauce, reduce the cream by one third, add the Grana Padano, mix well and put to a side. Roll out the pasta very thinly and prepare the ravioli stuffing with the pork filling and the burrata filling previously prepared.

Cook the double ravioli in plenty of salted water, drain them and place them on the plate. Finish with the Grana Padano sauce, the gravy with a few thyme leaves and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil.