Nikko Spring

Oba Syrup (Makes 1ltr)
100gm Oba Leaf
1000gm Water
600gm Sugar
50gm Gomme Arabic

Nikko Spring (Makes 1 Serve)
50ml Kinmiya Shochu
10ml Bijofu Yuzu (Yuzu Liqueur)
10ml Lillet Blanc
15ml Oba Syrup
15ml Lime Juice

Oba Syrup
Bring water to the boil on the stove, blanche the oba leaf in the water for 3-5 mins until the leaf colour is bright green. Take out and submerse in an ice cold water bath. Chill water used to blanche oba.
In a thermo mix add 600gm of chilled water used to blanche oba, 600gm sugar, 50gm Gomme Arabic, Blanched and Chilled Oba leaf and blend for 10 minutes, speed 7.
Strain through a superbag and Refrigerate in sealed bottle.

Nikko Spring
Add all ingredients to a perlini shaker, add 2 scoops of crushed ice. Seal the shaker, charge with CO2 and Shake hard. Repeat this process 3 times. Let sit for 1 minute before opening to let the C02 settle. Strain into labeled 150ml Bottle. Cap if necessary.

The cocktails is combined with Oyster and parsley champagne