Alciati meets Perdomo

A Piedmontese and Uruguayan starred couple for the first not-to-be-missed four-handed lunch at Identità Expo

Matias Perdomo, left, and Ugo Alciati are to launc

Matias Perdomo, left, and Ugo Alciati are to launch Identità Expo’s Sunday lunches. Every week, we will present a unique menu, the result of the meeting of two great cuisine professionals, one from Italy, one from abroad

On Sunday 10th May, a very special event will debut at Identità Expo. Each week, the chef livening up the kitchen of Identità Expo from Wednesday till Sunday will also participate in a duet with a foreign colleague, in a truly unique meeting of styles. The first “four-handed” lunch will thus see Piedmontese Ugo Alciati welcoming Matias Perdomo, the Uruguayan who received honours and stars in Milan’s Pont de Ferr and will open a new restaurant of his own in July, also in Milan, in Via Meda: Contraste.

In order to present this beautiful meeting, we asked a few questions to the two chefs, placing them virtually one in front of the other, before seeing them side-by-side in our kitchen.

How would you present your partner in this lunch you will prepare together?

Ugo Alciati: Matias is a great professional and a person with whom I’m very eager to confront myself. I’m happy to have this opportunity.

Matias Perdomo: Ugo was well known to me, professionally. When we talked he proved to be a simple, down to earth person, very helpful and kind.

In what do you differ, in terms of style and cooking philosophy?

UA: Perdomo is perhaps more intellectual and creative, when compared to my cooking, which starts from a very traditional concept that evolved in the 50 years of history of my restaurant up to the recent years’ leap, when I made it more contemporary.

MP: There are some differences in terms of taste, as usual, but in terms of philosophy I believe we are very close. His cuisine is perhaps more based on raw materials, mine is more playful and conceptual, but I still feel very close to his approach.

Matias Perdomo

Matias Perdomo

How would you present your menu to our readers?

UA: When Matias and I spoke, a pleasant and very friendly phone call, we decided that since I was already to be in the Identità Expo kitchen for a few days, I will be at his service, so to speak, adjusting to his choices. I’m sure it will be a pleasant surprise for all those who will come and taste our menu.

MP: A beautiful understanding was immediately born between us, we have a sole scope: making all our guests happy. Ugo was extremely helpful, giving me full freedom to choose the dishes. It will be a balanced and rich menu.

What do you think about Expo?

UA: Expo is a beautiful world. It represents the world, yet you can visit it in a day, almost. And if just a day is not enough to see everything, it can still be a way to visit the places you’re most interested in on the planet in just one journey.

MP: I was impressed by the work done, despite the defeatism the results are great. I hope these discussions on feeding the planet and fighting waste will have continuity, after these six months.

Ugo Alciati (picture by Brambilla / Serrani)

Ugo Alciati (picture by Brambilla / Serrani)

You can choose the dinner of your dreams. Tonight, anywhere in the world. Where would you go?

UA: Today it is truly hard. Had you asked me the same question ten years ago, it would have been easier to reply. Now every corner of the world has its wonders. So since you cannot do this any longer, I’d say I would like to go to Ferran Adrià’s

MP: For those who know me, my answer will be no surprise. I believe the Roca brothers are the highest example of our profession: they are very ambitious but there’s a logic behind every choice, every dish. They fly high, will keeping their feet to the ground.

And now we raise the curtain over the menu and the matching wines:


Identità Expo Entrée

Beef sashimi and vegetal foie gras (Perdomo)
Sauvignon Friuli Aquileia Doc 2014 Tenuta Cà Bolani

Creamed carnaroli rice, trombetta courgettes, ricotta and Cetara anchovies (Alciati)
Trentodoc Perlé Rosé 2008 - Ferrari

Confit suckling pig, Vernaccia di Oristano and cicorino (Perdomo)
Barbera d’Alba Doc Peiragal 2012 – Marchesi di Barolo

Fiordilatte creamed on the spot and dark crumble (Alciati)
Barolo Chinato - Fontanafredda

There will be two shifts at lunchtime, at 12.30 and 2 pm. For reservations (the price is 90 euros, including wines) send an email to: expo@magentabureau.it

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