Identità di Pizza - Padoan

06-05-2015 | 05:00 PM

Simone Padoan will be the first protagonist at Identità di Pizza, the weekly space dedicated to the world of pizza which moves from Identità Milano right inside Expo Milano 2015, every Wednesday afternoon. Padoan is considered the inventor of the “new Italian pizza”, or “pizza da degustazione”, the kind of pizza that combines tradition, because of a thick, soft and crunchy dough, with a fine dining topping.

He was born in Verona in 1971 and decided to become a pizza chef in 1988. From 1994 he runs his own pizzeria, I Tigli in San Bonifacio, always the same though now deeply renovated, so much so you’d think you were in Northern Europe. Yet he invented the concept of “pizza da degustazione” a few years later. His pizza slices became famous in 2005 when journalist Enrico Mentana talked about it during a TV programme. Since then, pizza became a protagonist in fine dining cuisine. A lot of gourmet restaurants have been opened and included in restaurants’ guides.

Together with his colleagues, both frome the North and from Campania – like Franco Pepe, another speaker at Identità di Pizza – he managed to make the pizza chefs’ world the most innovative in Italian cuisine. This year he celebrates I Tigli’s 20th birthday, always focusing on an endless search for quality, uniting culinary trends with unusual dough and surprising toppings. At Identità di Pizza he will explain how creative pizza is going to evolve in the next years, making it a not-to-be-missed event for food-lovers.