Identità Giovani - Alba Esteve Ruiz

26-05-2015 | 04:00 PM


Thanks to the Identità Milano congress, the other congresses around the world, the website and the restaurant guide, Identità Golose has always aimed at enhancing the new players in Italian cuisine, giving space to the most promising young chefs. It necessarily had to be so, since it has always focused on the valorisation of creative cuisine. Therefore, a new format will debut at Identità Expo called Identità Giovani, a series dedicated to young talents in Italian cuisine.

This week the stage is entirely dedicated to Alba Esteve Ruiz, chef at Marzapane, in Rome. Angelo Parello and Mario Sansone, patron of the restaurant say: «Marzapane is made of tradition, memories, ingredients that recall our Mediterranean origins and take you beyond, to inspiring harmonies for the palate. Guided by our culinary passion, we have created a place where food is transformed into an experience and journey».