Black and red

Angler-fish with cuttlefish ink in a cold gazpacho sauce

Gualtiero Marchesi

For 4 people

240 g of raw tomato sauce
50 g of centrifuged red pepper froth (made by natural decantation and skimmed off the top)
50 g of centrifuged cucumber froth (made by natural decantation and skimmed off the top)
600 g of angler-fish steaks
Tabasco sauce
Worcestershire sauce
cuttlefish ink sauce (cuttlefish ink dissolved in a little water)
liquid mayonnaise with cuttlefish ink
40 g of extra virgin olive oil
salt and pepper


Mix the tomato sauce and centrifuged froths in a bowl; season with salt, pepper, Tabasco, extra virgin olive oil and Worcestershire sauce, then leave for the flavours to mingle.

Cut the angler-fish into eight 70-80 g steaks and soak them in the cuttlefish sauce for about 5 minutes; meanwhile heat a non-stick frying pan and pour in some extra virgin olive oil, drain the angle-fish and fry them in the pan.

Spread a fine coating of the "gazpacho" sauce on a square plate, place two pieces of angler-fish cooked in the cuttlefish ink towards the bottom of the plate and use the cuttlefish ink mayonnaise to create a line above then, "dirtying" the sauce.