Titti Traina



Petit Royal del Grand Hotel Royal

87, via Roma
11013 - Courmayeur (Aosta)
+39 0165831611



Shy, Titti Traina doesn't love the spotlight but this doesn't make her less audacious, when it's time to take a challenge and to create with lightness and grace, with power and joy, in her pastry shop. Titti was born in Vittoria, near Ragusa (Sicily), but her future was elsewhere: her training began with a strict education at ALMA, and right after that she arrived at the court of chef Marco Sacco, at Piccolo Lago in Mergozzo, Piedmont: she refined her technique, and put into beautiful practice what she had learnt, with lots of passion for local ingredients. This is what Titti found in the kitchen of Sacco, on top of Paolo Griffa: and this is the beginning of their work and life together, a luminous and constant leitmotiv. No longer in Mergozzo, but in Courmayeur at Grand Hotel Royal, which hosts Petit Royal, a creature that perfectly fits the dreams of Paolo and Titti. Of the roaring cuisine, she now is in charge of the pastry making: always surprising, scenic, but most of all delicious and well-balanced. A play of flavours and colours, of playful lightness served at the table, and later as well, because we can enjoy Titti's delicious and soft pastries for breakfast too. A triumph of butter, beautiful aromas and love.

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