Roberta Esposito

La Contrada, Aversa (Caserta)

La Contrada - Restaurant and Pizzeria
14, Piazza G. Marconi
Aversa - Caserta
+ 39 081 811 1700


When passion pulses within, sooner or later it finds its way into one's hands, it becomes a craft and art blossoms: this is how we could sum up Roberta Esposito's love for pizza.

In fact, Roberta, patron and pizzaiola, was born and raised in the family restaurant, La Contrada, in Aversa; or rather, to be more precise, restaurant and pizzeria. Only, the latter was always second to the kitchen and Roberta, in those days, was still maître de salon. That is why she found herself those 'right' eyes to imagine a pizza to taste, to savour slowly: in short, not the usual pizza. But all this remained a vision for a while, while from time to time, when the service was gradually winding down, Roberta would make herself a pizza to break the appetite.

Until making it for herself was no longer enough and Roberta's pizza began to exist for an audience: the guests of La Contrada. From then on, the start of a tailored, fine work, from the dough to the precious local toppings; a work always with two voices, with her brother Alessio who takes care of the kitchen and the desserts: together they think and influence each other, but pizza becomes, more and more often, the reason to go at La Contrada.

A disc both soft and crunchy, containing within it the history of the Caserta area, contemporary ideas, with a large attention paid to Margherita, or rather to Margherite, because tomato is Roberta's favourite ingredient.

Tenacious, tireless, demanding, from the stage in the dining room, Roberta became the queen of the oven, winning prestigious awards year after year, so that La Contrada, today, asserts itself as one of the best pizzerias in Campania.




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