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Just as there are unresolved questions about the nature of the Sardininan nuraghi houses (fortresses? houses of prayer? homes of giants?), the same way we must admit the obscurity that wraps the following gastronomic dilemma: why such an island full of sea and earth quality raw ingredients is not giving birth to great chefs? As the answer blows in the wind we can place on the podium of the best 3 chefs of the island Roberto Petza from Cagliari, Luigi Pomata from Carloforte and this guy born Cagliari on January 1982, emphasized in bright yellow on the notebooks of talent scouts.

In 2010 he was in fact voted “Best emerging chef” simultaneously by Il Sole 24Ore and Touring magazines, right after winning easily the prize for the best soup dish at the International Festival of brodetto in Fano, in the Marche region. Besides fish alchemies, Stefano Deidda signs thoughtful dishes, consequences of long nights spent leafing on island cuisine old books. His creativity and technique are interchangeable addends of a sum which coincides with his lands. It is an approach modeled spying in between pans and knives the style of famous co-workers like Richard Camanini at Villa Fiordaliso on the Garda lake, Claudio Sadler in Milan, Tonino Cannavacciuolo at Villa Crespi on the D’Orta lake and, beyond our borders, Martin Berasategui in Lasarte, the master of the Basque strictest discipline and creativity.

A crowd of teachers who allowed he himself to spread the virus, as a lecturer at Alma , the International School of Cuisine in Colorno. The perfect place to show off his fregola cooked like a risotto with creamy goat cheese, red beans and raw shrimp. A perfect synthesis of technology, creativity and regionality.

Has participated in

Un risotto per Milano


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