Vesna e Gašper Carman

Pri Danilu

Reteče, 48
Škofja Loka
T. +386.(0)4.5153444

New Slovenian cuisine faces an identity crossroads: to renew the long-time indigenous tradition with contemporary techinques coming from westerner countries or to perpetuate traditional techniques feeding them with highest-quality local ingredients. Čarman family, long time owner of this gostilna located at the bases of the first hills north-west of Lubiana, chose to enter the second way.

Of course, there’s no more fresh trout to kill and serve fresh out of the restaurant, in the garden aquarius. But lots of the raw materials Vesna prepares with the help of her son sommelier Gašper are more than genuine: they are all guaranteed by Slow Food association, very active in preserving the best ingredients of the surroundings.
To show every customer things here are far more than clear, the Čarmans are always glad to open everyone their kitchen doors. Upon chopping boards or inside huge smoking pots you’ll meet all the fantastic flavors of Škofja Loka region: beefs and lambs who grazed wild and free, traditional loška smojka based on turnip, pigs and vegetables allied together inside the loška šara cake, marinated cabbages, local mushrooms that give strength to pasta and saffron, rabbit livers served with local fresh cheeses. And hams and trout of course.

Everything is made lighter than ever, according to the rules required by contemporary stomachs. But the knowledge comes straight from 1870, when the inn was opened for the first time. So far, it’s a model for all the other country gostilnas, concentrated to draw again the new shiny picture of Slovenian gastronomic identity.

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